In 2014 two property management companies were born (MKE PM and REIS PM).  Today now recognized as Welcome Home Milwaukee, the ventures merged in 2018 to better utilize unique abilities from both founders.  Those founders bonded over similar troubles and over many conversations found that the issues weren't similar... they were EXACTLY the same!  Those issues didn't stop with the real estate industry, or their personalities but carried over into just about every startup business ever, like ever ever.  

How cool would it have been in 2014 to have had a network of like-minded folks that could have aided our growth as entrepreneurs?  How many mistakes could have been avoided?  Where would our busineses be today?  

These questions were the foundation of MKE Co-Work.  Affordable, modern & flexible work space that will grow with you as your needs expand.  Furthermore, it's built for entrepreneurs BY entrepreneurs to have the highest bang for the buck possible.  

Elevate Your Entrepreneurship.

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